Keegan Kelly

React Pet page
React Digital Pet

This is a front-end app I built using React. Similar to tamogatchi pets, the user can create several pets and manage them through their respective interface. Each pet stored in the browser's local storage and built as a React component.

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Blog page
Kasasa Financial Blog

Kasasa wanted to move their blogs from Wordpress to Hubspot for this project. I was given a Hubspot template to start with and added the header, footer, topics menu, search bar and subscribe pages. I also made sure the styles throughout the template were updated to match Kasasa's brand.

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Quiz layout
Kasasa Millenial Lending Quiz

This is a quiz template I built for Kasasa to educate their audience in an interactive way. It was built in Hubspot using Bootstrap carousels and Jquery. The template itself is customizable so content managers can build more quizzes easily.

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Dungeon CLI game

This is a CLI dungeon crawl game that I developed with Node.js. It uses Inquirer.js to prompt questions then pass the answers to handlers. The current version demonstrates the character creator, exploration, combat and loot systems.

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Monster game image

This is a game that allows a user to create and save a monster that can be used to fight other monsters. This project focuses primarily on using PHP for most of the functionality. The monsters are saved to a database with MySQL.

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Homeside game image

This is an app that aims to connect homeowners and home repair professionals. Users that are home repair professionals can save their profiles to a database and homeowners can search the database for the professional that matches their needs. This was a group effort that uses MongoDB, Express, Node.js and React for each feature.

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Hangman game image

This is a client side only game where users guess what the word is and it saves their wins. There are several words that are randomly selected each time the game starts. It was built using plain Javascript, HTML and CSS.

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Friend game image

A web application where users take a survey and they are matched with other users based on their scores. Instead of using a database, this app just has some users saved to a file that the server reads.

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Burger game image

A simple project that is similar to a todo list. A user can create a burger that is saved to a database and then can be deleted from the database. This project was built with Jquery and MySQL.

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